1 in 4 people will suffer from mental health issues in just ONE YEAR,

yet there is still stigma and shame around having these issues and talking about it,

and stereotypes and misconceptions around those that suffer... 
does Unmasked Help with Mental Health???

Unmasked aims to unmask the issues around Mental illness through the performing arts and through social media and community outreach. Unmasked raises awareness, breaks down stigma, and starts conversation through the performing arts, through live and internet discussion forums, through social media, and by giving those who suffer a place to tell their story, letting others know they are not alone, while spreading greater compassion and understanding. With the right funding, we plan to also form other outreach activities, bringing awareness to adolescents in schools (who often struggle) and to create art therapy groups for those who have suffered, where they can find ways beyond words to express themselves, as well as develop and put on new works that showcase others’ stories and struggles. 
Unmasked needs funding to keep our organization going, to pay our artists and rehearsal and performance space, to pay for advocates to speak at our forums, and to rent space and pay people to help us create our performances and start community activities. 




Unmasked aims to UNMASK the faces that people have to put on and the challenges they face, and fight the stigma around mental illness. Green is the color in honor or Mental Illness Awareness, thus we are asking those, we challenge you in honor of those who suffer and in support of Unmasked to paint half of your face in green to stop the stigma. This stems from our name and basis of mission and message and is also stemmed from @lilmoonchildd  Yasaman Gheidi's #insideoutchallenge, which asks people to show half of their face expressing their struggle and half of their face in a pretty way but we are asking those who have or have not suffered personally to take part  in an easy and accessible way by doing the following: 

  1.     ACCEPT: Accept the challenge; Either donate* $100  and pass on the challenge to 5 more people or….
  2.     RECORD: Take a video of yourself in a half-painted face in green (either after or while you paint it) -  with avocado or anything else green ( we invite creative license but please keep with the green theme) , and say Stop the Stigma, when you’re done 
  3.     UPLOAD: Upload your video to social media, tagging/challenging at least five of your friends and Unmasked and include the hastags #greenmaskgo #insideoutchallenge and #unmaskedTC;
  4.     GIVE: Make a donation* of  your chosing (we recommend $5 or more, but whatever you can do) to Unmasked Theatre Company to help the Mental Health Community
  5.     CHALLENGE: Keep our challenge going and challenge 5 or more of your friends! 


  1.     Accept the challenge You can either wait to be challenged or join in right now and say you are taking on the challenge and where you saw it
  2.    Once you accept the challenge, you have 48 hours to:     

A.    DONATE $100*
Don't want to put a bunch green stuff on your face? Understandable. Donate* $100 to help Unmasked Stop the Stigma and Advocate for Mental Illness. You can do that by hitting the easy to find "donate" button on our website. At this point,  challenge 5 others, (either privately or on social medial in a post, photo or video), and then you can merrily go about your business. The end.

B.    Paint a green mask of avocado paste on your half of face (or you can use makeup or anything else as long as it's green) and put it up on social media as a video (see detailed instructions below), and choose your own donation amount (any amount at all that you can, anything helps, but recommend $5 or more)

Now that you've accepted your inevitable, green fate, you'll need the following:
1)    Get your camera video phone ready! (Bonus points if you video the whole thing below)
2)    Get a spoon and a glass or a bowl
3)    Get an avocado
4)    Smoosh it up in a bowl mix into a smooth paste (electric mixer will make it smoother, honey will make it thicker) Artistic director Ruth Rae recommends smooshing vigorously with a spoon 
5)    Put it on half of your face, either in a simple mask OR you can be creative, or paint half like a happy mask and half like it feels to struggle with mental illness  like the original #insideoutchallenge (but simple is fine too) 

  • If you are allergic to or really aren't feeling the avocado you can use a nontoxic green pen or green stage makeup

6)    Then you have to film it (or film all of the above)! You can do the video as short or long as you like, though we recommend keeping them as short as possible, and Instagram has a 60 second limit.

The videos must include the following information, though:
        a.    Your name
        b.    Who challenged you
        c.    Accepting their challenge with the full name
        d.    Five or more people you want to challenge
        e.    The website unmaskedtheatrecompany.org
        f.     Either you verbally stating or a sign  or video caption saying “STOP THE STIGMA
        g.    A mention that you're donating money (it's up to you if you say how much or not) as well as making your half                  mask to bring awareness and stop the stigma

      h.    After your info-dump, move on to the challenge and be sure to tag everyone you challenged: 

example from one of our team associates: 

("I David Mckibbin accept Ruth Rae's  Unmasked Mental Health Advocacy #insideout  #greenmaskedgo Challenge, to support the mission to stop the stigma around mental illness. I challenge (David challenged many since he's on the team but you just challenge five people you know)____, ____, ____, ____, and___ to take the challenge. You have 48 hours to either donate $100 dollars or greenify half of your face and donate an amount of your choosing. Thank you!"

#insideoutchallenge  #greenmaskgochallenge #stopthestigma #unmaskedtheatrecompany #Unmaskedtc #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness")

SUMMARY:  Take your green avocado paste (hint- mixing it a lot with a whisk/electric mixer and a bit of honey can help it stay on and be more smooth), glop it onto your finger or a brush, paint half of your face either on video or show the final half green faced product with your stating a-h above)

8) Post your video on all of your social media profiles, be sure to tag @unmaskedTC and all of the people you challenged in your video

  • Be sure to include the following hashtags: #insideoutchallenge  #greenmaskgochallenge #stopthestigma #unmaskedtheatrecompany #Unmaskedtc #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #insideout  #greenmaskedgo

9)    Donate* your selected amount by clicking here: 

Thank you so much for supporting Unmasked Theatre & Mental Health Advocacy and our mission to #stopthestigma around Mental Illness!!

* Unmasked is a 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible. For your tax-deductible receipt please contact or email us and we will reply with your receipt.




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