Elisabeth Turner

Head Administrative Assistant



Unmasked uses performing arts and social media to stop the stigma around Mental Illness and start the conversation. We strive to give those who suffer a voice, let those know who are suffering that they are not alone, and give those with lesser understanding of such issues better understanding and create greater compassion and empathy around mental illness.

We do this by through several means including

1)social media


3)outreach to schools oand other communities

4)community and healing through the performing arts.

We plan to build a great artistic and administrative team to work with to continue this mission and to create innovative artistic performance works as we grow in presence and prowess.

We plan on creating conversations on social media and through live and internet broadcast discussion forums, through original stage performances based on stories of those who have suffered or exploring issues surrounding mental illness, or even created by those who have suffered, to bring discussions and performances to schools, particularly high school and middle schools where adolescents often suffer in sience or don't undestand the issues that they have and feel isolated, creating groups for those that have struggled or who are currently struggling where they can use the arts as a way to express themselves amongh others with similar experiences (creating a sense of community versus isolation), sometimes with the support of art therapists, or guided expressive arts.

Christpher Kennedy 




Aaron Souza


Assistant Artistic Director


Social Media Manager

Artistic Director

Administrative Director



"Our mission is to use the performing arts as a forum to stimulate social change with a focus on Mental Illness, it's issues, and the stigmas around it. I plan to carry on Founder Catherine Geller's original vision while adding to it as well.

I hope to build the company as we continue to: 

1) give a voice to those who have been affected by Mental Illness through performance and discussion forums 
2) spread awareness and understanding about the issues and controversies and challenges related to Mental Illness, 
3) create outreach programs for those who have suffered in which they may find a voice and/or an avenue of healing through the creative and performing arts 
4) ‪#‎stopthestigma‬ around mental illness and the discussion of mental illness and it’s issues by stimulating conversations from performance worksc on social media, and community events. 

I plan to build a great artistic and administrative team to work with to continue this mission and to create innovative artistic performance works as we grow in presence and prowess"

-Ruth Rose Rae, Artistic Director​​

Catherine Geller

Tara Lynn Steele

Ruth Rose Rae

Emily Seal and Kimberly Immanuel in Hide and Seek​, May 2014
Madison Dix, Robert Jackson, Max Fedore, Futaba Shioda, Kimberly Immanuel, Sophie Sagan-Gutherz, Erin Sullivan, Sveta Pyntikova, and Zena Hinds in Hide and Seek​, May 2014

One in FOUR people per year will suffer from a mental health issue. That is in just one year, not a lifetime...

      And yet we are still afraid to talk about it. There is still shame in having a mental health issue and tremendous misunderstanding about mental illness, the struggle, and the solution...


Unmasked Theatre Company was founded by Catherine Geller and John Bautista in March 2013. Both met at an outreach program at New York University in 2012 and bonded over their common passions for service and theatre. They noticed that there were several theatrical endeavors that highlighted social change, but there were very few examples of musical theatre that dealt with these topics. After months of discussion and planning, Unmasked Theatre Company was born.


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